Construction Industry

Water jet technology is employed successfully in many areas of construction and civil engineering, structural engineering, foundation engineering, road and waterway construction as well as in construction repair, renovation, demolition and in recycling. Numerous applications in surface preparation, cleaning and in concrete refurbishment are of particular importance.

Oil and Gas Industry

Refineries and offshore platforms for the extraction and further processing of crude oil and natural gas are subject to the most stringent standards for operational safety. To ensure a safe and, at the same time, effective operation, the plants for conveying, storage and transport must be regularly inspected, cared for, maintained and, if necessary, repaired. The external conditions here are often extreme.

Maritime Industry

The high-pressure water jet technology has developed in the space of only a few decades from a niche technology for simple cleaning applications to a standard method for surface treatment of ships prior to painting. PINFL high-pressure and ultrahigh-pressure water jet engineering, like no other technology, satisfies contemporary demands for economic efficiency and environmental protection – above and below the waterline.

Steel Industry

In the production and fabrication of steel items, the machines and methods used must provide outstanding performance under extreme conditions. And do this continuously, reliably, economically, and safely. A technology that has asserted and proven itself here in the widest variety of areas are the products from PINFL.

Chemical Industry

  • Cleaning tasks in the chemical industry are making basic, increasingly complex demands in the context of maintenance and servicing of production plants. The variety of different substances and their different properties can create problems in storage and transport, especially where substances are converted, treated, stored or transported.

Cement Industry

The production of cement is a complex process. For this, large quantities of raw materials and energy are used and processed in correspondingly large plants. A very demanding and critical working area in whose sphere many cleaning tasks arise.